Monday, March 18, 2013

Ornamental Rosemary Plant

Its piney branches, woody stems and earthy fragrance makes rosemary one of my favorite herbs. Rosemary is the go-to herb for chicken, fish, lamb, and potato. Gardeners know that it is more than just an herb, but it is also an ornamental plant. Landscapers have long known that due to its drought resistance, rosemary plants are a great addition to warm climate gardens. Aphids, flies and other naughty garden creatures are turned off by the rosemary plant. .

Rosemary is a long living, semi-woody perennial herb that can be pruned any way that you like, and become a bonsai in a single year. Moreover, it does not take much effort. It can reach a maximum of forty eight inches in three years. How charming to have such a great herb plant grown as an ornamental bonsai shrub!

Rosemary does not require pruning to grow, however some strong cutting back will improve the look and vitality of the plant. Pruning also allows light to reach branches and needles located closer to the ground.

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  1. I ran across your beautiful bonsai picture and learned so much from your writing. Thank you for sharing your experience.