Sunday, October 30, 2016

First Attempt at Cloning Rose Bushes

Two days ago I took a trip up to a local rose garden. Washington State is famous for being the rhodadendron State. Finding rose gardens is not an easy task. This one in particular was designed in 1922.

Fall is the perfect time to start taking rose cuttings. I searched reletlessly for Hotel Savoy rose. I swear I saw it in that garden. After 30 minutes of looking at one bush after another, alas I could not find it. Although I was disappointed, I didn't leave empty handed. I left with four bundles of cuttings. I made sure there were buds on each cutting, and that the cuttings were at least the size of a number two pencil. I wrapped them in a warm towlet, and stored them in a plastic bag for one day. 

Later the next day, I cut, and rooted my rose cuttings. Right now I have four medium size pots with about six cutting each. Apparently it takes about 6 weeks for the plants to root and two years before we get a successful plant. Sure it takes a lot of patience, but the payoff is one gets exactly the rose the want....(unless it is Hotel Savoy). In two years the roses will be transplanted to either a larger pot or directly in the garden. 

I am a firm believer that flowers must be seen in groups to get the full effect. At least three of the same kind of rose bush should be planted together to appreciate the colors. However, I don't like boarders with only one kind of garden. 

I think I will take another trip to the garden and take at least four more plant cuttings. For all the roses I don't plant, I will either sell or give away.

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