Saturday, December 3, 2016

Euonymus - multi-graft bushes

I love the burning bush shrub, it offers the garden a beautiful bold color during the fall. Today, my Frankinstein mind pondered, "what Euonymus plants can I bud graft onto a Burning Bush?" Eunonymus plants are known by their common name, "spindle trees."

The color is great, but the tree has seen better days
pink charm spindle tree

compact winged spindle tree

The first two images are called Eunonymus grandiflorus, or "red wine". Grandiflorus simply means they produce a lot of flowers. The color is dark purple. In some images, this plant turns bright red, just like the burning bush. But I would want more contrasting colors. I love the dark purple but wouldn't want it to turn bright red. 

Today I found a beautiful orange tree, also known as olympic flame. I do not know if it is a spindle tree, I sure wish it was one. I can only imagine the colorful grafts I could make with these trees. They bloom at different times of the year, the effect would be magnificent. I believe it is the Euibyniys Alatus.

We do have one evergreen tree, that will balance the grafted colors - if - and that is a big if I can successfully graft each species of tree together.

Euonymus americanus

orange pods

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Above is a very cute, simple video explaining why growing apples from seed isn't a good idea if you have a small plot of land.

I however, do grow apple and pear from seed, then I try grafting different kinds of apples onto that tree where I can plant it in a public space (secretly of course) Mwaaa haa haaa. Call me, NaomiAppleSeed. I am the real one - not the legend.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

First Attempt at Cloning Rose Bushes

Two days ago I took a trip up to a local rose garden. Washington State is famous for being the rhodadendron State. Finding rose gardens is not an easy task. This one in particular was designed in 1922.

Fall is the perfect time to start taking rose cuttings. I searched reletlessly for Hotel Savoy rose. I swear I saw it in that garden. After 30 minutes of looking at one bush after another, alas I could not find it. Although I was disappointed, I didn't leave empty handed. I left with four bundles of cuttings. I made sure there were buds on each cutting, and that the cuttings were at least the size of a number two pencil. I wrapped them in a warm towlet, and stored them in a plastic bag for one day. 

Later the next day, I cut, and rooted my rose cuttings. Right now I have four medium size pots with about six cutting each. Apparently it takes about 6 weeks for the plants to root and two years before we get a successful plant. Sure it takes a lot of patience, but the payoff is one gets exactly the rose the want....(unless it is Hotel Savoy). In two years the roses will be transplanted to either a larger pot or directly in the garden. 

I am a firm believer that flowers must be seen in groups to get the full effect. At least three of the same kind of rose bush should be planted together to appreciate the colors. However, I don't like boarders with only one kind of garden. 

I think I will take another trip to the garden and take at least four more plant cuttings. For all the roses I don't plant, I will either sell or give away.

Liverpool Remembers

Burgandy Iceberg

Crimson Bouquet

sunsprite floribunda

Monday, April 4, 2016

Needless to say, I am very happy my Nadia finally arrived. This was a great birthday present from my father. There are three lavender plants under the tree, but today I planted about ten more. The strings are tied down with bricks and large stones, which I covered with soil. Nothing is more unsightly than string tied to bricks structuring branches. I hope the lavender will detract from that. Hopefully the string will only be here a year or so.

Nadia Cherry/Plum Hybrid

How the Nadia Arrived

Two Van Cherry Tree's from Carpinitos

Sunday, April 3, 2016


The seedlings

tomato, basil, pepper, and zinnia. Weather is a little go cold to put them out yet.

potato planted finished

White potatoes are planted. We are having three batches this season. 
1 french fingerling
2 red potato
3 white potato

I also planted some gladiolus plants around the potatoe garden so it wouldn't look do ugly Potato patches are not the most attractive thing to look at.
Potato patches are not the most attractive part of a garden, so I planted a line of gladiolus in the front blocking the view to some degree.

Angelieque tulips are in bloom

Friday, February 19, 2016

Seeking Savoy Hotel Rose

I am looking for the Savoy Hotel Rose to plant with the Myrtle Gentry peony that I recently purchased.

Mr Lincoln Rose
Yesterday I planted a Mr. Lincoln Rose fairly close to my house. I wasn't planning on planting a red rose bush in the front yard, but I've been so excited about my Myrtle Gentry Peonies that I started thinking about companion planting.

Savoy Hotel Rose looks like it would be a great addition to my garden. (BTW: the whole red and pink clash only applies to clothing - not gardens). It should be planted with Iris and lavender.

Savoy Hotel Rose

Friday, January 8, 2016

peony gardens

After checking out five books from the King County Library on Peonies, I finally jumped in and made my purchase! I ordered four Myrtle Gentry Peony tubers from Eden Brothers. The shallow holes are dug. According to all the Youtube videos I've been watching, we are not supposed to cover the tubers with more than 2 inches of soil. I plan on making another trip to Carpinito Brothers to purchase a couple tea rose bushes to plant with the Myrtle Gentry. 

My philosophy about flowering plants, is that the plants must be seed in groups. The effect of 3 or 4 plants together is a lot more stunning than looking at a single plant all by itself. 

Plant in groups! 

Where to purchase roots:
This has been a challenge. Peonies are difficult to find, and not cheap.

Eden Brothers (this is where I bought my myrtle gentry peonies)
Klehm's Song Peonies (they have a variety of rare peonies)
Adelman's Peony Farm (huge selection of reasonably priced peonies)

When to plant vegetables in Kent Washington