Friday, April 10, 2015

Calla Lily Aethiopica Large White

I learned about this flower from watching Around the World in 80 gardens, with Monte Don. While in South Africa, he found some beautiful white lilies growing on the side of the road. Don said that people in the UK pay an arm and a leg for these flowers. Upon further research, I found that they are also a common wedding flower. I think the would look beautiful in my front yard.

My gardening philosophy very French - start with the right structure. This means decided how to hedge the garden, and how big will the hedges be. I am going to have a simple straight small boxwood hedge along the property. I like hedges to the simple, full and perfectly straight.

After hedging is laid out, then one plants the ornamental which brings me to my second rule - less is more. Flowering plants are meant to be seen in groups, not as individuals.  When people put more than 5 varieties of flowers in their front yard, it will end up looking cluttered.

I plan on starting my new front yard with a hedge, and the South African white lily (which isn't cheap, but will come back year after year.)


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