Friday, January 8, 2016

peony gardens

After checking out five books from the King County Library on Peonies, I finally jumped in and made my purchase! I ordered four Myrtle Gentry Peony tubers from Eden Brothers. The shallow holes are dug. According to all the Youtube videos I've been watching, we are not supposed to cover the tubers with more than 2 inches of soil. I plan on making another trip to Carpinito Brothers to purchase a couple tea rose bushes to plant with the Myrtle Gentry. 

My philosophy about flowering plants, is that the plants must be seed in groups. The effect of 3 or 4 plants together is a lot more stunning than looking at a single plant all by itself. 

Plant in groups! 

Where to purchase roots:
This has been a challenge. Peonies are difficult to find, and not cheap.

Eden Brothers (this is where I bought my myrtle gentry peonies)
Klehm's Song Peonies (they have a variety of rare peonies)
Adelman's Peony Farm (huge selection of reasonably priced peonies)

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