Saturday, December 3, 2016

Euonymus - multi-graft bushes

I love the burning bush shrub, it offers the garden a beautiful bold color during the fall. Today, my Frankinstein mind pondered, "what Euonymus plants can I bud graft onto a Burning Bush?" Eunonymus plants are known by their common name, "spindle trees."

The color is great, but the tree has seen better days
pink charm spindle tree

compact winged spindle tree

The first two images are called Eunonymus grandiflorus, or "red wine". Grandiflorus simply means they produce a lot of flowers. The color is dark purple. In some images, this plant turns bright red, just like the burning bush. But I would want more contrasting colors. I love the dark purple but wouldn't want it to turn bright red. 

Today I found a beautiful orange tree, also known as olympic flame. I do not know if it is a spindle tree, I sure wish it was one. I can only imagine the colorful grafts I could make with these trees. They bloom at different times of the year, the effect would be magnificent. I believe it is the Euibyniys Alatus.

We do have one evergreen tree, that will balance the grafted colors - if - and that is a big if I can successfully graft each species of tree together.

Euonymus americanus

orange pods

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