Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fruit Tree Record

These are the fruit trees I currently have in my backyard

1. Combination Pear Tree
    (Shinseiki Asian Pear /. Swarf Comice Par / Chojuro Asian Pear / 20th Century Asian Pear
    This year I will graft the Old World Pyrus Pear onto this tree. It was grafted March 23rd 2017
20th Century Pear

Shinseki Asian Pear

Comice Pear
Pyrus Pear, good for cooking only. Disease resistant.

Chojuro Asian Pear (Sojuro Pear)

2.  Single Pear Tree, contains only one kind of Pear, the simple Barlett Pear. I will graft the 15th Century French Sarteau Pear on March 23rd 2017.
Poire Sarteau / Sarteau French Pear


3. The back yard has one combination cherry tree including: Stella Cherry, Royal Anne Cherry, and Lapins Cherry. They combination cherry is next to two dwarf Van Cherry trees which require Lapin Cherry for pollination.

Royal Ann Cherry

Stella Cherry

Van Cherry

Lapin Cherry

4. Plum Tree: I currently have only one plum tree: Methley, but I plan on grafting other varieties onto it.
5. I have one Plum/Cherry cross tree, Nadia.
Nadia (a rare cherry/plum hybrid)
6. I have one Gala Apple Tree

Gala apple

7. I have one Red and Delicious Apple Tree

Red and Delicious Apple

Finally, today I rooted three pear scions: Pyrus, Sarteau and and unknown yellow French pear I suspect may be Mespitas (a very old, ugly medieval fruit). I also planted 25 pear seedlings that have been in my fridge over the winter. A lot of work achieved today. 

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