Friday, April 21, 2017

My flower plantings today

Hello garden enthusiasts!

Today I got a lot of work done on my garden. Last year I made many mistakes, hopefully this year I've corrected many of them. First, I moved a red rose bush to a sunnier location. Last year I noticed that my gladiolus kept flopping over, giving the garden bed an untidy look. This year I planted eight Sugar Plum gladiolus in two large containers, this will keep them a little more upright and make it easier for me to stake them. I also planted six Salmon Star Oriental Hybrid Lilies also in a container. In the pink rose garden I also have 5 Sarah Bernheart Peonies and one Myrtle Gentry Peony from last year. This year I combined them with four Wizard of Oz Dahlia Balls also in a lovely shade of pink. At the end of the perennial garden, near a more shad part, I planted to bleeding heart bushes. At the very corner I wanted to plant one elephant ear and a few more hostas. I realized I didn't have any elephant ears, but I did have my hostas. Unfortunately, there are still some tulips blooming in that area. I want to wait until I have the elephant ear before planting the hostas at the very end. The roses are called "Touch of Class" and they are a tea rose. One of them I planted up on the mound because I reasoned it was not going to get enough light for the growing season. One the mound I planted some Show N Tell Dinnerplate Dahlias along with ThomasEdison Dinner Plate Dahlias. In one pot I planted one white hymenocallis bulb, surrounding it with an Azalia seed mix. I used the same Northwest Azalia seed mix last year and they turned out absolutely stunning.

Over the spring, I planted a boxwood shrub around my fruit trees. Hidden behind them are about eight hostas. In the middle of the fruit trees are the wonderful white South African calla lilies. These lilies come from the Western part of South Africa, which means they are shade and water tolerant. They are also very popular among wedding boquets. I only wish I had more of them.

We will see how things turn out this year. I've never been a fan of pots, but if I can hide them well and they hold up the tall flowers much better, they maybe they are a keeper.

wizard of oz

First Frost


Islander Dhalia Dinnerplate

Salmond Star Lyly

Show N Tell Dinnerplate Dhalia

Spectabilis Bleeding Hart

Sugar Plum Gladiolus

thomas Edison dahlia

Touch of class rose

white Christmas hosts

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